Nine of Cups, Sweet Twilight Tarot


Things are better then they might feel.

Very lovely continuation from yesterday's 'impersonal pain'.
A kind of pain or emotional distress that there's, for the time being, no point in "facing". As there isn't any particular trigger to it. 
A state of feeling that just IS. 

There's no 'one point of origin' for it. 
In many ways it feels as if it's not even yours, even though it resides in you.

Again - this too shall pass.
If you let it. As long as you don't think that you are your feelings.
Feelings come and go.
Some feelings come more often, and stay longer, but still - they come and go.

Everything is in perfect order. 
It always is.
The soul attracts to it what it needs - whether we (our ego) like it or not.

How we manage what our soul attracts decides our growth, and shapes our (so called) future - direction, and speed. 

You're in a twilight moment.
The choices you make now will decide if this twilight constitute a sunset or a sunrise. Dusk or dawn. 
If you choose to react from fear, and believe overwhelming feelings residing in you - the sun will keep setting.
If you choose to react from love - from the knowing that you ARE love, and that everything is in perfect order - the sun will continue rising. 

This is the first card/deck-combination to repeat itself in the "Card of the Day series".
Last visit: November 22nd 2019.

Deck: Sweet Twilight Tarot
Theme: "the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, either from daybreak to sunrise"
Card: Nine of Cups
"Even when buried by your feelings, we may still raise our eyes and our hands toward our goal, our hope, our inspiration. There are times when the only way is to go up."

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