New Beginnings, Sacred Forest Oracle


"Wholeness occurs when you can say yes to both endings and beginnings." 

Isn't that profound?!

Yesterday's card talked about budding potential - something still undeveloped, veiled, from The Source.
(That we were told the day before yesterday not to hurry or force, but let come in it's own time)
The story continues, and is strengthened.

New Beginnings!
There's something 'huge' cooking?!
Continuing to grow/come closer because we follow advice to remain still, patient, present and aware?

A wise approach to uphold.
Deck theme (in my 'system'): a comforting reminder that we're in a transformative forest - not lost in the woods, as it might feel. 
We might still not know what's coming, but as we've been on this ('spiritual') path for so long now, we feel something is about to change. That's there are something we must let go of.
Or rather, move on from.
Move on from what isn't supporting us - whether it be a relationship, a job, a habit or a way of doing/thinking of things.

No need for decisions to 'release', just...move on.
It just a matter of moving :)

Will we grab this chance, face our fears of the unknown, of not seeing the path before us and let this Daffodil Fairy lead us towards new possibilities that the Universe has in store just for us? 
Will we emerge out of the forest in a direction that lead us somewhere new, or in fear run for what seems to be the nearest exit, back into old routines, trying to 'control of life', trying to 'make things happen', and into what we feel 'comfortable' in?

To have the courage to make way for a 'new start' without knowing what that is.
To feel tired enough of that which pinch you, that which feels like it does not include the purpose of your soul, and put your unique potential and gifts to the use.

With awareness.
So you 'leave the right things'.
Some things rub you to polish you.
The things to (at least mentally) move away from are those that pinch and 'lessens' you (or figure out why).

With continued patience/presence.
There are different ways to move on.
The Daffodil Fairy will show you the best way for you - and for all involved in your particular life/situation!

Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle
Card: New Beginnings

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