New Beginnings + Four of Pent's, Sacred Destiny O + Samurai T


Opportunities at hand to say yes to, out of honor and generosity, and because it's a reason that it turned up!

Not a time to hold tight to what you got, but a time for exchange of resources and services!
Don't be greedy in this, but don't sell yourself short either - be clear with your values, and your worth.
Don't say no because of fear, but be clear about your 'terms' and what is important to you!

Deck: Sacred Destiny Oracle
Theme: "There is a powerful and profound reason that you are here"
Card: New Beginnings - Radiant Sunrise
"Your life is expanding in profound and wondrous ways."
"Vitality and wide-open opportunities are at hand."

Deck: Samurai Tarot
Theme: "bushido" or "honour"
Card: Four of Pent's - Exchange

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