Knight of Wands + Knight of Wands, Journey to the Orient + Osho Zen


A double Knight of Fire!

"loads of enthusiasm in this fascinating man"

Enthusiasm for what?!
Inner peace (the journey to the east thing).
"his intensity should not be mistaken for for the manic energy that makes people drive their cars at top speed"
Not horisontal movement from A to B, but referring to the "vertical world of the present moment".

Whatever happening it's an opportunity to dive deep.
Deep inside, and deep into the Now.


I was pretty much an inch from certain death yesterday. I got a 700 pound bale of hay on my shoulder instead of my neck.
Sure, I'm bruised and parts of my body certainly hurts. But I'm alive!
For some reason my life didn't end yesterday.
For some reason The Angel of Death didn't ride that bale.

It's silly, isn't it?
Every day you wake up you're "given a new chance", but for some reason many of us need these crystal clear reminders to really feel and appreciate it?!

As these particular Knights show, I got fiercely aware of this yesterday, and the event and feeling is with me today too.
A deep dizzying but at the same calming sense that there's a reason I'm here. Or else I wouldn't be!
I might not feel or know the exact reason, but yesterday I was shown that there certainly is one.

A feeling you wanna share with the world, and wish for yourself and everyone to feel all the time!

I guess it will fade away, but I'm glad I got to experience it - the intensity of the present moment :)
And I'm glad for the (maybe few but awesome) people I have around me!

Deck: JourneyToTheOrientTarot
Theme: "West goes East"
Card: Knight of Wands

Deck: OshoZenTarot
Theme: "The Now"
Card: Knight of Fire - Intensity

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