Knight of Swords, Radiant Wisdom Tarot


Intellectual adventure.

It takes time to "master" something!
And for now it's ok if you don't feel 'fully learned' and ready to broadcast your wisdom out into the world.

Patiently continue your studies, practice and gathering knowledge that develops your unique gifts and capacities to serve the whole!

Or forgive yourself for eventual frustration that people "don't get you", or you don't seem to "get your message ('wisdom') through" :)
It certainly takes time to master the art of communication, and knowing what - or mostly IF - to speak up!
Refrain from pushing or darting on (like the classical Knight of Swords I mean).

Timing my dear - it's always about timing!
And timing is seldom a matter of intellectual calculation :)

Deck: Radiant Wisdom Tarot
Theme: "radiating wisdom" or "a spiritual, practical, multi-cultural, and celebratory approach to life"
Card: Achiever of Air

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