Knight of Swords + Death, Fire + Alchemy England


Quite the untraditional looking Swords Knight.

Instead of darting forward in action we here have a Knight...
"waiting for trial"
With that angel from the Judgment card hoovering above.

Why are we paralyzed? Why are we afraid to move forward?
Why do we perceive what's happening like some kind of Judgment day?!

Still this focus on moving forward, or - the fear thereof.
I'm referring to the Six of Swords chasing us lately.

It's still in our minds - swords. 
We're enraged to our depths even (alchemy deck).

There's still resistance - stubbornly "waiting".
Still the sense of intrusion.
Yesterday: the Family card, implying "more intimate than we're comfortable with". 
Today: Inner Fire - it's coming too close to our inner essence. It's creeping inside our armor!

I can almost hear an agitated Mars yell: "NOT ON MY WATCH!"
(Mars is about to move direct - yay!)

The ground under our feet is shaking. 
Instead of embracing the situation - the opportunity to expand - and moving forward, we withhold, we resist, we persist.
We refuse to 'let our old self die'.
We refuse to acknowledge our vulnerability - as it will most likely kill us...

So we just sit an wait.
Wait 'for the whole thing to pass'.

At least a part of us do, or strongly suggest that we should do.

That fierce and fiery part 'protecting us from being hurt'.
Like it always have had to do.

Let's have a chat with that part!
Let's ask it what it's afraid of will happen, and inform it that we've grown up now.


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