Knight of Pent's + King of Swords, Riderless + New Vision


Step carefully!

There might be a colorful mix of pure intentions and unconscious drives here.
A good heart but lack of self-control and/or self-knowledge. 

Step carefully, but be open for learning new perspectives!
Don't become submissive to your own or others words or thoughts - especially outdated ones.
Look below and behind - what in this can be a catalyst for new beginnings and what needs to be cut away? Find a balance between being vulnerable and setting up boundaries. 

Steady. Do not alter your direction!
Stay alert and remain in control of yourself - your own intentions, words and behavior.

Deck: Riderless Tarot
Theme: "pure instincts"
Card: Knight of Pent's (R)
"a careful and reliable, conscientious person"

Deck: New Vision Tarot
Theme: "looking at it from a new angle/learning new perspectives"
Cards: King of Swords (R)
Reduced "leadership, charisma"

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