Knight of Cups, True Black Tarot


Hopeless talker and escapist or the gift of creative imagination with no limits?

The knight with the "least effective" armor (LWB). 

I see a very stiff middle part, I see weight on the shoulders, I see limited sight. 
I see well intended, but detached, words/thoughts (sword/water/cups).
I see someone not knowing where his heart is - the careful touch on the right side of the chest.
I see symbolism of really wanting to "look and do good". But not knowing how, not knowing their own heart, not wanting to see - so it comes out overworked and/or incomplete.
And maybe more revealing than they realize. Maybe more vulnerable then they dare to acknowledge.
Unconsciously displaying a need for openness?

Unconscious energies (forces/people) are a challenge to deal with!
(association - the raw, instinctive energies talked about the day before yesterday)
That's about as "unknown" as it gets!

There's not much to do other than accept them for what they are, and 'let the stars guide you'.
Again, you can't successfully confront unconsciousness. It fights back, and at worst triggers you to enter into it.
You can't 'reason' with these energies, unless there's a true wish/need/desire to become conscious accompanying them. 

The classic: 
You have to 'meet people where they are at - not where you wish them do be'.

Whether it's your 'job' to leave them there, inspire them to move, or support them to move, circumstances will show.
Whether to lovingly stay or go. The former might be right one day, the latter the next, and switch again right after. 
There are no absolutes - the only constant is change!
Navigate carefully. We're all responsible for our own lives.

Deck: True Black Tarot
Theme: "in true darkness (unknown territory) you must navigate by the stars (as you have no 'experience' to trust or go by)"
Card: Knight of Cups (R)

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