Knight of Cups, Meryl Tarot


Do we always have to act like a spotless prince(ss) charming?!

Always 'showing our best sides'. As we don't won't the other to know or acknowledge our 'less good' sides.
Or - is it that we're not comfortable and accepting with these very sides ourselves maybe? :)

Nothing authentic with always looking through pink glasses.

Also, sometimes life is messy ('messes with us'), sometimes WE are messy - overwhelmed, confused, uncertain. 
Lets not let a 'lack of confidence' spur us into withdrawal.
Lets not let 'inability to be our best ('most charming') selves' trigger us to give in before we've even tried.

Whatever's going on - don't jump to conclusions - about others or yourself!
Let things evolve and unfold.
Focus on yourself, and being as authentic as you can.
Listen to your body.
Make sure you're not 'acting' in one way or another to please someone - someone else, or your fears.

Deck: #MerylTarot

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