King of Wands + Four of Cups, Shapeshifter + Osho Zen


Can you look up and far ahead and turn inwards at the same time?

Or, how to 'blend in', master all parts of yourself, and your eyes 'seeing everything' when you engage 'in the outer world', when all you want to do is to listen to awesome and inspiring audio-books/podcasts, sit with yourself, reflect, befriend your demons/frightened parts of your personality/unburden your parts, and heal?!

Or, a reminder not to 'shut your eyes to the pain and inner fear', and hope for 'disturbing emotions' to 'settle down'. 
It's not enough to just 'sit and observe', and go about with business as usual playing the same old tune, and thinking everything will be better in future - far ahead.
As Richard Schwartz says, would you sit and just observe if someone was suffering outside of you? No, you (hopefully) wouldn't. You would listen, show compassion, be curious, offer help/support.
That's what your hurt/burdened parts within you need to.

There's just no way around it!
Let's heal the world, one person at the time - starting with ourselves :)

You might not want to change the way you perceive/manage your emotions - I think about the traditional C4, with the passive sulky guy resisting the divine cup offered to him, despite not seeming that pleased with what he has in front of him - but there's a lot to gain from it, and the best way to 'end the suffering of the world'.

Note that Air is Wands in the Shapeshifter Tarot!
So instead of red, fiery and passionate, this Wands King is blue and flowing, while sharp and cool. 

Deck: ShapeshifterTarot
Theme: "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being for a higher understanding/awareness"
Card: God of Air - King of Wands (R)

Deck: OshoZenTarot
Theme: "presence in the now"
Card: Four of Cups - Turning In (R)

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