King of Swords + Seven of Pent's, Robin Wood + Urban


You can't keep procrastinating or avoiding people or challenges because you're afraid of failure!

Finding you way out of this grove is a matter of staying in control of your thoughts (about the situation/person)!
Remember that everyone act in accordance with their level of consciousness/awareness!

And what is failure anyway?! Most often it is about 'not getting to harvest what you want', or when you want it.

Remember: whatever happens is a chance to learn - mostly about yourself, your vices and virtues - and to practice being who you want to be!

Meet whatever's coming with eventual high-horse tendencies under control!
Focus on being perceptive and clear-headed, which might mean weighing your words and practicing patience letting the situation/person be what it is.

Deck: Robin Wood Tarot
Theme: "finding the path through 'the woods/scrubby terrain'"
Card: King of Swords
"perceptive, intelligent, and strong-willed"

Deck: Urban Tarot
Theme: "Coping with society/the ordinaries/un-awakened"
Card: Seven of Pentacles (R) - Failure

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