King of Swords, Holy Light Tarot


"With the philosophical overview that comes from long experience, he listens deeply, watches closely, and speaks last."

Three days ago we got the 'watch (new) events from a distance', and yesterday we had some tough cards including something from the past.
So whatever plays out in the present seems to trigger something painful we bring with us from past - trauma.
Painful, but it's necessary to listen, watch and pay close attention to this - for healing.
And healing should (if you ask me) always be our first priority.
Not 'fixing' whatever's out there.
If there's not something you obviously have to do of course.
But if the reason you feel you need/have to do (or SAY) stuff is to 'get away from the pain/discomfort' - think again :)
Again, this King "speaks last".
When all the necessary information is gathered, and when there's truly something to say. 

We must team up with Time.
This king is "the deck's Time Lord" and he "takes the point of view of Eternity"
Much is going on, new impressions mixing with the memory of old ones.
You may think it's beyond what you can handle - 10 of Swords yesterday.
That it's all too overwhelming. No way forward. That you can't solve this. 

Maybe that's because there's actually nothing to solve?
Despite it truly really looking like that, "rationally speaking".
Some things really going "bad/wrong". 

See the bigger picture.
Surrender to the pain.
Get to know it, and dissolve it from the inside.
Why do you have so strong opinions about what's happening?
Instead of trying to fix or rearrange things on the outside, befriend the parts within you calling for your attention.

Like a wise old father, take your time and sit down and listen to your inner parts, and find out what's really going on in there, before 'making any calls'.

And, instead of getting lost in details and name calling - find out what's truly important.

Deck: #HolyLigthTarot
Card: King of Swords
"mediator, philosopher"

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