King of Swords, Enchanted Tarot


Clarity about who you are, and speaking from the heart!

Having an active mind and airy configuration (like me) can make you get carried away!

Being careful not to get stuck in "mental/material small talk", if that's not what you want to do (as that can make you appear 'simpler' than you are, with 'annoying effects' (: )
Not blurt out all that pops into you mind, and write it of as "that's just who I am", if that's not who you WANT to be!
Not chose words that make you appear knowledgeable, exciting and likable - but words that reflect who you really are.

Now it's time to stay firm in your heart, in your values, and in who you truly are (and want to be) - without 'making a big deal of it' (like requiring that others understand (: it's enough that YOU understand)

Think twice before talking or writing if you easily get carried away or 'tag along' in the others energy, and be mindful that the words you say or write really mirrors who you have come to know that you are - and stop worrying about how your words (or you) are perceived (that's just not your business :)).
Make sure your words come from your heart, and not from your head (in form of 'explanations' for example).

Stand firm in the clarity of who you are, what's really important to you, and who you want and need to be, and let things evolve without you trying to influence (control) the direction or outcome, or how others 'should perceive you', and don't bother if others 'get you' or understand you!

Deck: Enchanted Tarot
Theme: "harmonizing the hidden and the visible world - guided by the hidden one"
Card: King of Swords (R)

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