King of Pent's + Nine of Cups, Golden Age of Hollywood + Dreams of Gaia


It isn't obligatory to either give or receive an explanation - go within and find the part that believes so, and prevents you from getting in touch with the pain underneath.

The first deck includes 4 veto cards.
Veto - the power to unilaterally say no.

Has some kind of perceived 'no' put us out of balance and sense of control (reversed king)?
Let's not go to our heads to solve this. Let's not force an explanation out of someone else nor ourselves.
Our emotional upset (C9 reversed) is not because of something outside of us (though that may be the trigger) - but because of something inside, which needs to be grounded and embraced (feel heard, loved, and SAFE).

So this is not about controlling someone else - nor ourselves, in the 'modern' way. 
This is not about finding answers or explanations, but about creating stability (safety) and gazing inwards (not upwards or outwards).

It's about
C9 "The effect of past experience on the present moment."

What in the past make us afraid of what's happening now?
We don't have to find the answers now. Now it's enough to become aware of that fact.
The fact that now our perception of the present moment is coloured by our past, and hurts from the past.

C9 reversed
"a resistance ur unwillingness to look at our emotional reactions and accept responsibility for them."

Let's give that unwilling part of us some love and compassion, and meet it with curiosity, shall we?!

Deck: #GoldenAgeOfHollyWoodTarot
Theme: "the power to unilaterally say no"

Deck: #DreamsOfGaiaTarot
Theme: "for the sake of The Earth/humankind"

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