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Can't say that I find the first dude looking that sympathetic, but the combination makes me ponder if the advice isn't to be more 'forward' with what one have - even if there are parts telling you to 'hold on', 'hold back' and not 'take up space'

Though demon looking, it's the 'confident' fellow showing off his goods that is upright here, and not the pristine lady squeezing her belongings when the light shines on her.

Again - it may take som acting!
Considering you seem to perceive confidence and 'showing what you got' as devilish in some sense, and saving, holding on and being frugal as something to praise. 

Maybe/probably because you don't think you have something to share, nothing that anyone would want or need? And maybe because there still parts in you that don't believe in an abundant universe, and that you have to hold on to what you got in fear of running out and not having enough?

Embrace these old outdated beliefs - once they kept you alive.
But now THEY might be the very things holding you back!

It might take some sisu to act like you no longer believe that you're somehow not enough or have enough - but begin to truly befriend these "ideas"!
Like an actor, read the script for this new possible role over and over, and try it on. 
How would it feel to be enough, be in the right place, at the right time, and have all you need?!

It's a choice to act as you're not enough, and it's a choice to act as you are!
The first is in alignment with old beliefs, experiences and your current nervous system wiring, the second is in alignment with the  (universal) 'truth' and your essence. 
The "trick" is to embrace the old (nervous) system and rewiring it simultaneously!
Feel and heal the alarms (#TheAnxietyMD ) , establish safety for yourself, and give yourself 'disconfirming experiences' (#MastinKipp )

Deck: #RosaOrmTarot
Theme: "Sisu"

Deck: #MerylTarot
Theme: "act like your life depends on it"

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