King of Cups, Tarot of Bones


Now there's more need for safety than speed :) 

"skilled at keeping his most vulnerable feelings safe, but has not walled them off entirely and can access them att will."

The fact (bones) is that you need to get in touch with your body and what it feels (or what you inner child or exiled parts of you feel).
But in "control". 
Without getting overwhelmed.
Without overriding your defense/survival (manager parts) system built up by the nervous system (through childhood trauma).
#InternalFamilySystems #TheBiologyOfTrauma #AnxietyVsAlarm

This might not be the easiest thing. If you're not taught to listen to your feelings and the sensations in your body. If you're taught or raised to  go to your head to 'fix it' instead. If it wasn't safe to express what you felt as a child. If you weren't emotionally regulated as a child.

You're head wanders. You feel intense restlessness. You detach and zoom out.
I know I do :)

But one step at the time.
Slowly, like the turtle. 

It took you many years to build the survival system/patterns you have today, it's reasonable to assume it might take some time to rebuild it - and make your wounded parts trust you to really be there, maybe like no one has been there for you before.

Safety is key.
Creating safety in your body.
Nicely represented by the safe body of the turtle :)

Deck: #TheTarotOfBones

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