King of Cups, Meraki Tarot


We need to get in control of our emotions!

Not as in controlling them, but as in not letting THEM control US.
As many of them now might be (perfectly healthy) trauma responses.

False alarms.
Alarms based in old outdated beliefs - or 'broken/uncalibrated sensors'.

Just as the system in my car right now alarms for faults in the cooling system, though there's enough of antifreeze liquid in it and the engine isn't running warm.

Which of our emotional sensors are correct and which are faulty?!
It requires some detective work and quite some knowledge about our system and how "malfunction" can show up to be on top of it - 'in control' of it.

It's difficult to truly heal if you don't know what's health and what's not!

Because we don't won't to learn to just 'cope', do we? :)

Deck: #MerakiTarot
Theme: "looking to our future selves"

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