Justice, Parrott Tarot


A day to focus a little extra on learning about true fairness and balance!

Not what You Think is fair and balance in any situation, but what's fair and right from a higher perspective. 
You might find it unfair that you have to juggle so many perspectives, and be the one "having to hold back" to 'keep things floating'.
"Why does he/she 'get away' with this/that but not me?!" 

The one with greater awareness and preparedness, has the greater responsibility (universally speaking).
The responsibility to Show the way (not trying to make others change), or just living according to The Way (Tao).

It's not unfair that responsibilities are different.
"Fact": Your assignments and tasks in life matches your gifts and capacities.
If you feel that you or your life is unbalanced, it mostly Your task to come in balance again - not someone else's. 

How many roles you have to juggle, and how you juggle them, I think is a matter of both choice and acceptance. 

Some things you're doing you might be doing because of a desire to control things (to your liking) or because your head (or the environment you're in) says you 'should'. Become aware of the intentions behind your choices - are they choices from fear or made to please others, or in alignment with your soul, values and purpose?

Other things might feel like unfair burdens because you haven't really accepted the responsibility for them - an inner 'NO' to something you perceive as unfair that you'd do better accepting!

Deck: Parrott Tarot
Theme: "teaching/learning" (deck having extra cards; mentors)
Card: Justice

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