Justice, I Am One Tarot


"I Am..." yes, who do you want to be, and who's the authentic you?!

"I Am the Master of the Law"?!
Ok, so maybe you're feeling life is unjust of some reason now, and really don't think it should be that way?
And, "If only this/that, him/her... "
It make me think of a saying of #PeterCrone going something like - "I didn't get the memo that you're the master of the universe."

Everything IS in order, whether that suits you or not.
Whether something is 'unfair' or not.
"Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal were you are not free" Peter Crone

Also, it's not even a matter of 'having the law on your side'.
The puny human law system that is.
Now were talking karma and evolution, baby!

Sometimes there's just shitty things to go through.
"Even if you didn't create the situation, you can choose how you react to it and that can be a lesson in itself." thetarotguide.com

And then there's the choices-consequences thing. In one way or another, to a large extent, your situation is the fruit of your choices. 'Good ones and bad ones'.
"Don't try to blame others or avoid the consequences, just learn from it and move forward a little wiser and more self-aware." thetarotguide.com

Sure, some choices are 'less voluntary', and more a question of being a trauma response, from survival patterns ingrained in your nervous system way before you became aware. THAT must surely be something to be mad about? You had no choice - THAT is unfair, huh...?
One question: does it help you to entertain those thoughts? Is it empowering to lay in your sofa with your victim coat on?

No, what happened might not be your fault, and it might have been totally unfair - but your life is your responsibility from here.
It's your choice how you respond and manage your situation.
It's a choice to heal, learn, grow and evolve.

There might be things to 'clear up', or 'commitments from old choices' to hold to.
("unfair") 'Consequences to ride out'.
And even behaviors of your own you can't 'just stop' in a blink of an eye - until you understand and embrace the reason for the behavior.

Deck: #IAmOneTarot
"indicates good people whom tend to donate themselves and their talent for the sake of others success."
Be the one in your lineage who breaks the pattern!

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