Justice + Five of Pent's, Erotic Manara + Mystical Cats


A possibility to reveal were we're not free.

Isn't this an amusing combination?!
One card showing someone looking a little afraid to go out, and another showing someone being disappointed outside.
Isn't it just a pain in the ass when the glass is always half empty? ;)

I see in this also the person who dreams.
"If only I was strong enough, if only I had money enough, if only..." (or, if only life had been fair....)
Oh, then I would [x]!!

Would you?
Or would you just have found another "excuse"?

Because if one can't be happy 'here', another 'here' unlikely would do the trick.

It's the pattern of always wanting to be somewhere else. 
Of always finding something to be dissatisfied with regarding how things are.


The cards also show the beginning of daring to face this in ourselves.
The lady cautiously peaking behind the wall, catching a glimpse of the cat (and 'exposure' being the theme of the deck) - seeing our instinctual reaction to 'feel left out', out in the cold, excluded. Looking at the cuddling couple inside - longing to be heard, touched, held and truly seen 
But that's unfortunately not something that can come from others...

If we don't truly listen to, see, feel and hold ourselves (unconditionally), there is a slim chance that it will ever feel enough when someone else tries, to say the least. No matter how hard that poor bugger tries.


Oh, fairness!
Eckhart Tolle:
"The world is not here to make you happy. It's here to make you conscious."
Peter Crone :
"Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free."

So if something feels unfair, there's our cue.
Where are we not free?
What's the root cause or resistance for our non-acceptance with the present?
What is it within that we want to avoid (remove the trigger to)?

Deck: #EroticManaraTarot
Theme: "exposure"
Deck: #MysticalCatsTarot
Theme: "spiritual integrity"

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