Investigate, She Whispers Her Truth


Maybe things "happening slowly" (or seemingly not at all) because there's more for you to find out?!

Maybe deliveries are delayed, things cancelled.
Or, if you don't feel quite ready for totally embracing something new - know your gut is 'telling You Your truth' :)

Browse around for more information, exercise your curiosity a little bit more, listen to some more inspiring podcasts for clues and pointers!
I myself currently devour all podcasts where #PeterCrone is the guest! #PureGold #Genius

In the speedy world of ours, 'giving yourself time' is a rarity.
But pay attention!
Were not talking overthinking, making pros-cons list, procrastination, or second-guessing things here.
I believe it's more about just that - #PayingAttention !
Staying alert, reading your circumstances, finding 'hidden messages', caring for and listening to your body, doing one thing at the time - developing your #awareness !
The classic, truly "being present in moment", and sense what it wants to show us (as compared to focusing on how we Want it to be).

Deck: #SheWhispersHerTruth
Theme: "honesty, with yourself and others"
Card: Investigate

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