Honesty + Ship, She Whispers Her Truth + Far Sight


Not a time to be cocky and do the chicken race thing!!!

Great forces are in motion.
Honesty with yourself is crucial if you don't wanna collide (collapse) but reach your long searched for destination!

I know it's tempting to be strong in a push-it-through kind of way.
Not merely to look good and successful (the past few days theme), but because that's how you're used to do it.
Because that's how you're programmed to get through stuff - that's the only way you know to survive.

But pushing will not help you in this moment!

Heed The Warning.

Life isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.
Keep your focus on the long term goal, for the moment far out of sight.

Yes, there IS work to do, but 'fighting' isn't part of it.
Choose wisely when and were to direct your energy.
Again, "look at your energy balances IN and OUT".
In periods when you have little (or even none) energy to spend (when in the #freezeresponse ) - do the bare minimum.
Do not try to convince yourself that you have more energy than you do.
Do not try to be 'strong' in that way.
Do not resist your current circumstances.
"Make educated choices".

You've come a long way (open sea), but there's still a long way to go.
Listen to the signals of your body (your #NervousSystem ).
It will be worth it.

Deck: #SheWhispersHerTruth
Theme: "honesty"
Card: Honesty

Deck: #FarSightLenormand
Theme: "Navigating towards a goal out of sight"
Card: Ship
"long term ventures"

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