Four of Wands + Three of Swords, Elora + Hermetic


In the safest and most comfortable homes, all feelings are welcome.

Quite contrasting cards!

W4 "There's No Place Like Home"
S3 "Lord of Sorrow"

It can feel like quite a homecoming when you embrace your own pains and sorrows, let them be a part of your life - as they more often than not loosen their tight grip on us when they're accepted (instead of repressed, hated, feared...).

When we cooperate (Elora theme) with them, listen to their hidden messages. 
When we drop our need to understand everything, accept the complexity, and just listen. 
That's how we become truly free.

Deck: #EloraTarot
Theme: "yin cooperation"

Deck: #HermeticTarot
Theme: "Abstract, complex - beyond comprehension (for the time being)"

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