Four of Wands, Ethereal Visions Tarot


A homecoming not of this world!

Considering a deck and card yesterday suggesting "go on, you're doing the right thing, collectively speaking", I guess this card confirms that - that what you're doing "helps the people come home/unite", in a way 'beyond what the eyes can perceive'.

There is now an immense need to see beyond the chaos in the world, which might be nothing more than the death of the world as we new it. The material world, where cash is king, where people fight for power and control. What once started as a fight to survive (the ol' survival of the fittest) has now turned into something completely different - it's opposite.
To survive, and 'come home', we now have to see everything going on as the greatest of challenges to truly 'wake up'. 
Look beyond.
Look within.
Follow our hearts.
Make our heartbeats match the beat of the universe - not the hearts of those 'in control'.

What we are, are not of this world.

Deck: Ethereal Visions Tarot
Theme: "not of this world"
Card: Four of Wands
"union, celebration, community"

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