Four of Wands, Bosch Tarot


Allow yourself to enjoy your achievements and progress!

I refer to how this W4 differs greatly from the traditional and celebrational Four of Wands!
And the LWB says, "offense"...!

But also, recognize the similarities to the traditional P4?!
The man holding his pentacles tight. 
I think about how success is often and generally measured in money.
Maybe it is that we're now searching and having success in another (more 'spiritual') realm, but we're still not fully comfortable enjoying it?
Because it's 'against the norm', and even against our own old beliefs?
Maybe because there's still a part in us thinking we don't deserve it?
Maybe because there's still a part in us afraid of being rebuked or diminished for our choices?

We're slowly finding our own path in life, but sometimes it still feels a bit lonely and challenging to 'make it' and remain soft and open in this so often harsh world!
And somewhat hard to celebrate and enjoy all the progress we feel as it can't be shared 'with the regular Joe'.
We must try not to take offense by those whose who wont or cannot understand or celebrate with us.
And maybe take on the task of searching for people who can and want to (instead of trying to change the people around us)?

I'm grateful for the community I've found through the courses I'm taking for #DrAimieApigian 

Deck: #BoschTarot
Theme: "skewed perspectives"

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