Four of Swords, Rider Waite Tarot


Not a day to rest or be self-absorbed!

A day that might test your inner protectors!
Or, trigger frightened parts of your personality. 
Or, challenge your ego.
Or, ...
You get it - whatever nomenclature suit you :)

You might feel like you want to withdraw, or shut down, or raise your walls.
Out of old habit. 
If you stop and breath for a second, you will likely realize that it's like an automatic reaction.
An action controlling you, rather than the other way around.

It's the ol' survival system doing its thing!

Now might not be the time to dive into it, and befriending all the active protectors.
But maybe play with postponing the automatic reactions.
See if you can find more loving parts of your personality to act from!
Or - talk FOR your triggered ego rather than FROM it?
You are not your feelings, remember? :)

Your feelings are super important, and should really be listened to and addressed - but not every time and place is the time and place to do it.
The world is not ready for that yet!

Pick your battles.

A good day for the old classic:
When given the choice between being right and being kind - choosing being kind is always right :)

Deck: #RiderWaiteTarot
Theme: "ego intrusion"

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