Four of Swords, Mystical Cats Tarot


Temporary withdrawal and solitude.

When there is much going on (especially inside) it's wise to withdraw a little now and then. 
To give emotions and thoughts some time so settle - to give the whole system a chance to process the maybe overwhelming amount of impressions and experiences it's been through lately. 

When new and/or unexpected things happen - even if it's of the "good" kind - it can be overwhelming for a system carrying some form of complex trauma (which most of us do) #cptsd
An array of emotions and thoughts are triggered. Not unlikely very conflicting ones. 
Which are "true"? What to DO? 

Trust the process. There's nothing in particular to do at the moment!
Nothing is wrong - though part of us might feel that it is.
Part of us might be very, very frightened now, and that's ok.
Now it's important that we don't get caught in these fearful emotions, or rush to 'make them go away', but that we stay with them.
Just like we would (in best case scenario) be there for a frightened little child.
We would hear it, hug it, support it through it. 

Let the fear run it's course. Let the system experience that fear won't kill it.
That it's not necessary to run away from it, try to chase it away, or distract ourselves from it.
And, there's nothing to solve!
Fear isn't a problem - it's an emotion and/or a thought.
Rooted in something that happened in the past (that our protectors want to make sure NEVER happen again).
Some old belief. 

Pause, and the mud will sink to the bottom, and all will become much more clear!
Then you will just (calmly) KNOW what to say or do, without thinking about it :)

All is well <3

Deck: #MysticalCats
Theme: "mystical/spiritual integrity"

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