Four of Swords + Five of Pents, AnnaK + Sun&Moon


Sometimes rest and recuperation is awesome, and very necessary, sometimes it's time to 'get over it' (yourself) and get up!

These cards do not sugarcoat the fact that it's about time we get over ourselves..!

I read about the danger of remaining "caught in this condition even though it has long been time to get up and be alive again."
Sometimes your body is weary from exhaustion, other times the perceived weariness comes merely from 'inner resistance to what is'.
You think you rightfully moan over tiredness and lack of resources, but it has sneakingly passed over to some form of self-pity and worry-loop.

If you have been in (well needed) recovery for a longer period of time, some form of 'comfort' might have crept in, masquerading as a 'I THINK I need just a little more rest', because you get quickly tired after a lot of physical passivity - hey, that's normal you know!
It takes a lot of practice to learn to distinguish between fatigue and mere 'tiredness' (aka resistance)!
But it's vital, and no one else can do it for you - it's your responsibility.

Not everything you think is true!
Just as not everything your eyes perceive is true.
Look beyond the immediate (no faces in the second card/deck). 

Time to rise and rebuild stamina - not for or to please someone else's ideas of what life is about, but for yourself and for what you are uniquely meant to be and do! 

Shine my dear, you are needed just as you are - embrace your 'humanness'!

Deck: #AnnaKTarot
Theme: "don't be afraid to be human"
Card: Four of Swords (R)

Deck: #SunAndMoonTarot
Theme: "Don't Look with Your Eyes"
Card: Five of Pents - Worry (R)

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