Four of Swords + Ace of Swords, Crystal + Ethereal Visions


The road out of isolation is one inspired thought, out of the 'ordinary mind', away!

Deck: CrystalTarot
Theme: "something's crystallizing"
Card: Four of Swords (R) - Isolation

Deck: EtherealVisionsTarot
Theme: "not of this world"
Card: Ace of Swords

We had Ace of Swords yesterday too, rev. Pointing to 'rationalization'. The whole advice hinting to 'don't rely solely on your eyes and head'.
NOT meaning STOP using your head!
But follow inspired thoughts, leading you to places and people that inspire you!
And if you don't think you have the capability to conjure inspired thoughts yourself (because of 'deadness' - #claimyourpowerbook), maybe listen to those that can ignite you!

Listen to that awesome podcast, or listen to interviews with people who truly inspire you!
Listen to inspiring life stories of other people - who you know, and those you don't know - and all the possible, and sometimes seemingly IMpossible, ways things can evolve and unfold, and one day it will be YOUR life story that inspire others!

Inspiration (not cash) is King :)

I repeat; hold your course, trust the (albeit slow) process, something is crystallizing!

It doesn't feel productive you say?
Is there really anything more important than healing, and finding and working from heartfelt inspiration?!

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