Four of Pentacles, Art of Love Tarot


Focus more on heartfelt creativity than results and gain!

"Trying to control conditions will stunt your creativity and limit your dreams."

You might want things to develop faster, and for yourself to grow faster and reach ... what ever it is you wish for ... faster!

Maybe it is because you're holding back?
Holding on to something.
Afraid of taking the risk to invest in that which would make you grow more and faster than ever!
Considering the New Beginning theme earlier this week, and considering the Nodes moved into new signs 2 days ago.

Now is not the time for 'better safe than sorry'.
Safe might actually equal sorry..!

"You have been trying so hard to make life safe and comfortable through material gain that you are actually blocking the life you want."

The classic, 'standing in your own way' :)
No matter how much 'in control' you feel, all can change in a blink of an eye, or in a sudden digital glitch in the economical system.

Now is not the time for playing it safe. But to live and enjoy what you have - around you, and within you!
What Truly matters to you?
What is not for your highest good?

"When Taurus and Scorpio are out of balance, we either don't appreciate what we have (Taurus) because we are afraid of what can go wrong (Scorpio), or we don't relax into surrender (Scorpio) because we are afraid of losing what's ours (Taurus)"

What's your zone of genius (google Gay Hendricks)?
This is the year of digging deep, and finding were you thrive!

Time to leave the familiar for the spectacular, don't you think?!
In the name of love, evolution and expanding consciousness!

Deck: Art of Love 
Theme: "The Art of Being Unconditional Love"

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