Four of Cups, Magic Manga Tarot


Maybe no smooth and confident sailing at the moment, but you'll get the hang of it!

Even though it can feel like quite the challenge at moment, remember, "none of it is real".
You person and personality are merely actors in this great movie called Life.
With many scenes and takes. 

You are not your feelings (cups).

You can 'choose to drown in them', or realise that you have the choice to sail upon them, and even sail away from them. 
Like a great sailor you can navigate upon the sea, through the waves, and actually gain speed from the whole thing!

Drop all thoughts about feeling weak, or thoughts that you should feel strong and confident like a pirate.
You can make great strong choices without feeling strong!
Sometimes you don't have the TIME to wait for strength to miraculously "come back", and make you 'feel strong enough to make a choice/take action' - sometimes the choice and action have to come FIRST!

A mosquito sucking immeasurable from your blood you can wait out.
Caught in a bear-trap, you have to get out!!

Some types of darkness just repel, or unaffectedly absorb, you light.
Some types of darkness just wont budge.
Nothing to face or analyse.
It's not fear, it's not anger, it's pitch black nameless terror and darkness.

This kind of darkness (I believe) is a part of the The Collective Painbody (google Eckhart Tolle), and it is not something you should face by your own.
"There's nothing to see here."

Nothing good can come from looking into the eyes of this kind of darkness.
This submarine deep darkness isn't yours - hence not in your power to 'fix', and there's nothing in it for you to 'shine a light on'.
As quickly as you can - get above the surface.

Tirelessly "Play the Glad Game" (dec 22nd) - and drop the darkness like a hot potato, let it sink back, down to whence it came.

It might feel overwhelming at the moment, but hey - how fun is it to sail a calm sea?! :)

Deck: Magic Manga Tarot
Theme: "adult comic"
Card: Four of Cups (R)
rev "new possibilities, new knowledge"

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