Five of Swords, Visconti-Sforza Tarot


Today is a good day to break with tradition!

So, this theme continues. Yesterday we had the 'heavy burden of inbuilt sense of duty, erasing our worth as an individual' (Page of Swords/Samurai Tarot). One kind of tradition.
Today we have ingrained tradition. The 'this is how we've always done it, and that's why we continue doing it'. (this deck being a replica of one of the oldest known tarot decks)

Five of Swords. The card of conflict.
I read for the upright, "gain at the expense of others; betrayal and misplaced trust."

'As long as I get what I want I'm happy.' That's pretty much how the world is run these days, and yes ... since generations.
It helped us survive in the early days, but now it leads us into our own annihilation.
It is as true for our species as it is of us as individuals.
And, 'like a letter in the mail' (as we say in Sweden) betrayal and distrust follows.
One begets the other.


What can happen when we break with tradition, and when we don't buy into 'beliefs handed to us'?
When we don't want to join the exploit, the rat-race, the goal chasing, and the 'win at all costs'. 
Reverse, "Cloudy outlook; uncertainty; weakness."

Having none or few (close) role models/guides it's easy to feel lost, not knowing were to go from here.
The feeling of being uprooted.
Which is true, as we've pulled our feet and roots from the soil where we were born and raised.
Because we so clearly felt that there are no nutrients in that impoverished soil. 

So here we stand on our own two legs. Uncertain were to go next. 
We feel weak, and perhaps even suffer from some sort of abstinence, as is common when cutting off any kind of 'junk'.

One step at the time - Rome wasn't built in a day!

Deck: #ViscontiSforzaTarot

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