Five of Swords, True Black Tarot


Difficulty 'relaxing into the present moment'? 

Maybe the worst anguish is over, but the ego/protectors/managers are still grumbling a bit. #InternalFamilySystems
You've come to terms with not being a victim (for now ;)), so now what are we waiting for?!
Lets go. Lets move. Lets 'get ahead'. 

Movement isn't necessarily about 'taking action' in the traditional sense though.
Which is hard for action oriented parts to grasp, or even get into their minds, at all. 
It really doesn't suit my stubborn Capricorn Mars to 'go within' or 'feel the way' - he's opposing my Gemini Moon, who just loves to sift through different possibilities and emotions, study, learn.
Mumbo-jumbo!! Lets dig our teeth into it - lets get our hands dirty - for god's sake!!! Lets see this - or SOMETHING - through already!
And he's in the 4th house - the 2nd quadrant - all the other planets (accept the moon) are in the 1st.
So all the others want's to go within, be with the experience, discover - while Mars wants to express itself, be out there, work hard.
Quite the uncomfortable split!

Maybe you have something similar going on in your configuration/setup?

I read (in the LWB), and something that pops out to me is, "Of particular note is the presence of a new or younger player, or an individual taking a novel approach and disrupting the status quo."

Are you learning or becoming aware of a bunch of new stuff now, that you feel compelled to act on?
Annoyed that you don't find a path or attention for it?
Maybe it's not ripe enough, maybe people aren't ready to hear? Maybe YOU'RE not ready to carry it forward? Maybe THAT's what annoys you the most - and that's the discomfort you want to move away from through action or 'finding battles/conflict outside yourself'?
Anyhow, something is (still) off.
If it feels like a struggle, conflict or competition it's probably a sign that (continued) 'cooling down' is the best call :)

Chill. There's still much you don't know.
Still much is hidden in darkness!

Deck: #TrueBlackTarot

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