Five of Swords + Ten of Pentacles, Linestrider's + Rosetta


Money or Freedom?

Walking the fine line of tension or perceived conflict.
Key: what's your core values (Year of The Lovers)?
That is - what does it mean for you to feel wealthy and in charge of your happiness?

Or, do you want to be right or happy? :)

If you perceive it quenches your creativity, maybe it's time to move on?
Even if it seemed like such an awesome task or relationship in the beginning, and really felt 'right'.

Things didn't evolve as you wished or hoped.
That's life! Maybe (probably) it's all a part of the Universe's ingenious plan.

That something or someone isn't like you wish, expect or want It doesn't mean that something or someone is wrong.
And if someone are - is it more important to be happy or right? 

But maybe the lesson isn't to "endure", or see it as a growth opportunity staying in it.
But to choose to walk away - move on.
Towards a New Beginning.

Last year it was more about staying open to new methods, beliefs, input, feedback, and remembering 'we all have something to teach each other' - North Node Gemini.
While this is always true, now the energies has shifted.
What do YOU want and need? What soothes and grounds YOU, what do YOU value?

If you did your homework last year, you probably know more than before about your true needs.
What inspires you, and what don't.
What 'makes you feel rich' and what doesn't.
Let THAT guide you - not right/wrong, or your thoughts about correcting things to your liking.

Whatever you're in, it might be a lesson in choosing what feels right rather than doing what you THINK is right.
Accepting that it even may 'cost', money wise. 

The only thing you can win is your freedom!
Begin defending yourself, and you've lost it, unnecessarily.

Taking the high road is key!

Deck: Linestrider's Tarot
Theme: "The Razor's Edge"

"The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard."

Deck: Rosetta Tarot
Theme: "deciphering key"

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