Five of Swords, Monstarot


Something's 'bugging' you?!
Cool it off!
Don't take yourself so seriously!

There's nothing to 'win' from confrontation, making points or talking someone down.

Maybe it's still about the non-caring non-cooperative dude that's been influencing the cards lately, or it's something else gnawing at you. Something disturbing your interests, and mental peace.

As always, the 'monsters' are highly unlikely "out there", but rather in your mind, and in "how you choose to perceive things".

This doesn't mean that everyone else is 'innocent', or that you haven't been "unfairly treated", just that's might not be any point in proving any points!
Again, if it's the non-caring dude - He Won't Care!
If it's not - for some reason or not, what's appearing as a conflict or disturbance on your part, now, might not if you hold your horses a bit. And you can save yourself from ending up in a loose-loose situation/energy, hurting yourself and/or another through harsch words. 

It's a better safe than even more sorry moment!
Wait for a bit, play with different perspectives, and I bet the universe will present to you an alternative, more 'friendly' path/outcome!

Deck: Monstarot
Theme: "lighthearted depth, playful seriousness"
Card: Five of Swords (R)
"Self-interest, defeat, conflict"

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