Five of Swords, Dream Enchantress Tarot


The old fights the new!!

Surrender, there's no going back.

Resistance is futile.
You can't unsee what you've seen.

I read, "tragic eloquence in defeat and perhaps bitterness"
You can't talk you way out of this!
There's no way but moving forward with the tides.


Another 3 days in the school bench is over, and it's back to the ordinary routines.
Or is it?
When you 'know better you must do better'!
Even if you're not yet comfortable with the doing part of it.
#PracticePracticePractice #NoTurningBack 

Acknowledging, Feeling, overcoming and healing the uncomfortable is part of the journey.
The most important one, if you ask me! 
Letting go of all thoughts of results and goals, and be with what Is, right NOW.
Do what needs to be done, NOW.
#BabySteps #OneStepAtTheTime


Deck: #DreamEnchantressTarot
Theme: "serving as a mysterious bridge between the conscious and subconscious"
Card: Five of Swords
"how will it change your life?"

#TarotCollection #TraumaHealing #SoulAlignment #Healing #Courage #OnPurpose 

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