Five of Pent's + Three of Wands, Shining Angels + Mystical Cats


Attracted by something out of sight!

But, is it to good to be true?
What does that even mean?
Wanting to know "if it's worth it". "What's in it for me"?

Leave scarcity thinking behind, and trust that what's happening or what's behind the corner will 'be worth it' - in one way or another!
There are times in life when you have to take some risks (chances ;))!
Not thoughtlessly without integrity jump into whatever, but leave your comfort zone and challenge what might be limiting beliefs you unnecessarily hold on to out of fear of letting new things in :)

Give people a chance, and look beyond their eventual 'flaws and shortcomings', as you wish they do for you!

Deck: Shining Angels Tarot
Theme: "words from the angels"
Card: Five of Pentacles
"Ahi El: friend of God"
"Fortunate companies."

Deck: Mystical Cats Tarot
Theme: "mystical/spiritual integrity"
Card: Three of Fire
"Taking chances is how we learn and grow"
But, "look before you leap"
"the rewards will more than make up for it" 

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