Five of Pent's + Strength, Ellis + Aleister Crowley


A test of faith, and our capacity to adjust to circumstances.

But the cards looked so brilliant yesterday, what happened?!
There was the Villain theme, and then there was the "is or will happen" - the classic delay. 

Oh, how we wish it would develop in another (faster O:)) way - Ellis decK.
But it isn't.

"Become the manager or the conductor of many different, simultaneous energies, powers, and duties."
"use the contradictions and then remove them"

And the meaning I really like:
"Do not hide your feelings behind rational grounds!"

Let them all be, and simultaneously exist!
They are the voices of your inner parts, and there's nothing wrong or strange with having 'diverging feelings' within.

Whatever happens (or not happens - delays), it's only to "reveal where we're not free", as a famous Peter Crone quote says!

Deck: #EllisdecK
Theme: "I wish..."

Deck: #AleisterCrowleyThoth
Theme: "a higher calling"

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