Five of Pent's, Robin Wood Tarot


"Life's a bitch and then you die", comes to mind!

For many, many years a dear friend of mine had that as password for his WiFi - he has changed it now, so it feels safe to out it ;)

Maybe you've felt a bit out in the cold, or have had trouble 'finding a meeting place', but maybe also started to feel 'why'.
Why this or that meeting got cancelled.
The 'lesson behind it' that is - not the 'factual reasons'.

The universe is doing its best to piece the puzzle together. 
To make sure that everything happens in the best order for everyone, to orchestrate that everyone meet at the perfect time - which may or may not be according to YOUR timetable and wishes.
Maybe NOT lately (considering the card), but you're beginning to see, understand and sense why?!
Maybe you haven't fully accepted all the 'unfortunate events and losses' yet, and there might be some 'map reading' left before you're "out of the woods", but you'll get there!

Deck: Robin Wood
Theme: "finding the path through 'the woods/scrubby terrain'"
Card: Five of Pentacles - Misery (R)
reversed: "Lessons in charity to be learned, new courage"

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