Five of Pentacles, Dreams of Gaia Tarot


Think Twice Day.

The devilish theme from yesterday continues...
There's 'con man' energies in the air.
Something's not right, or as it seems.

I always get extra alert when I get cards diverging noticeably from the traditional - as I go random among 191 decks (counting) and get this particular one, right now. 
I don't believe in coincidence.
I don't have any images inside my head, therefore the images I receive from my decks weigh heavy and hold great value (one of many reasons I have so many decks).

And this card does diverge.
That's important.
But so are 'how'.
Traditionally we have the 'outcast', the 'poor me'. 
Here then we maybe see someone considering taking a risk to 'belong', to be allowed 'into the warm'?
I read the reversed, and it's about 'gambling with your own conscience'.

"Do you gamble with another's future?"
"Are you choosing to be blind or to turn your back on those who love you, in order to cater to your own self-interests, bad habits, or addictions." 

Think Twice. 

"Look beyond selfish desires" AND fears. 
"You are accountable" for your actions and their consequences.

Avoid shortcuts.
Follow your heart and soul's small voice - even if it means having to 'sit out in the cold', feeling somewhat hurt or broken.

It's not worth it.
Sit this one out.
At least for now.
The world (Gaia) as we know it may depend on it.

Deck: Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Theme: "for the sake of The Earth/humankind"
Card: Five of Earth (R)
"Think twice about taking risks"

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