Five of Cups + Eight of Pentacles, Dream Enchantress + Bones


Let's do another walk through!

Deck: #DreamEnchantressTarot
Theme: "serving as a mysterious bridge between the conscious and subconscious"
Card: Five of Cups

The image catches me here. It induces words like "you've gracefully handled a Five of Cups moment/event"!
I see flow, I see relaxation.
LWB basically says 'overwhelmed, tossed here and there', but that's just not what I see and sense.
Yesterday we had 'overwhelmed' in the cards, because of the Mermaid Tarot deck. But I here we rather have the dissolution of it.
This deck is about bridging conscious and unconscious (in my "system"). Consciously accepting and embracing the overwhelm, the got:s and got not:s, the have:s and have not:s. The is-ness of the moment.


Deck: #BonesTarot
Theme: "hard facts"
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R)

By accepting 'facts'!
By not pushing ("working hard and diligently" reversed - P8).
Through a focus on embracing your own emotions and fears, and finding peace through just listening, not pushing answers and actions, but letting them 'just come'. Realizing that the most important thing is to meet yourself where you are - not the event triggering your overwhelm. 

To connect back to the 'gift/opportunity' mentioned for a couple of days.
Maybe it wasn't the gift in itself, and whether to accept it or not, but all it awakened within?
Blessing you with the opportunity to get o know a tiny bit more ('facts') about yourself - the True Work (P8)!

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