Erosion + Queen of Wands, D Didactic + Tarat


Erosion; "no ground to stand on, your foundation is disappearing" - that's hard to look at!

The Tarot D (The Didactic Tarot) has an extra suit - diffusion, the "pause" suit, that might "represent a specific problem or something that is currently happening that needs to be addressed."

Now that is the dissolution of foundation in some manner.
Old beliefs giving way, survival patterns being revealed for what they are - trauma responses.
It's all for good, making room for a happier life focused on thriving rather than merely surviving!
But still, it's hard to find yourself at/go to the bottom and face that which is gnawing at the root level - I see the rat Queen facing the scene, but looking the other direction.
Or, is she facing the situation while looking forward/ahead? :)

Like yesterday (2 queens) the feminine is lifted.
Creativity, intuition, compassion.

I think about the freely dancing queen on the chessboard, compared to the more slow-moving king (moving more than one step only when performing 'castling' - taking cover behind the rook).
Whatever going on in your life, whatever is currently 'eroding', you need to remain creative and moving.
Exactly what was advised also yesterday - "Approach your health concerns with creativity: Think outside the box."
Being down at the roots/bottom, facing foundation change and healing trauma typically includes 'health issues', as 'The Body Keeps the Score' (Bessel van der Kolk).
Rewiring the nervous system isn't for the rigid or faint of heart! >)

Deck: #DidacticTarot
Theme: "designed or intended to teach"
Card: Erosion

Deck: #TaratTarot
Theme: "gnawing" or "survival"
Card: Queen of Clubs

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