Eight of Swords, Oppositions Tarot


Get out of your own way!

So, as alluded to yesterday, it's your thinking rather than your circumstances that pains you - or as here, traps you!

Again: the difference between being WITH your feelings and IN your feelings.
Or here, thinking that you ARE your thoughts versus that you HAVE thoughts.
Or, believing that all your thoughts are true versus knowing that some come out of conditioning and outdated beliefs.

All your (feelings and) thoughts are real - but which are categorically true?
Which come from Self, and which come from burdened parts of you? (#internalfamilysystems )
Which come from Frightened Parts of your Personality and which come from Loving parts of your Personality? (#GaryZukav )

"Are you a prisoner of your own mind? Be honest and try to understand if the causes of your pain are inside you."

Are you guided by love or fear?
Are you pushing the brake and the accelerator at the same time?
Which parts account for the resistance?
Is there a way you can honor these parts without getting engulfed by them?

It's 'just thoughts'. The opinions and view points of a part (or parts) of you. Not the whole you (that they 'come and go' is quite the evidence for it :)).

"Seek the guidance you need to look within."
Beside Tarot (and astrology), my go to:s are: audio books and podcasts featuring ridiculously insightful and inspiring people!
In this very moment they are: #PeterCrone , #DavidTreleaven , #RichardSwartz , #FrankAnderson , #ThomasMoore
(My journey started with The Chinese Classics (especially #TaoTeChing ) and then #CGJung back in 2012-2014. Followed by #AlanWatts , #AudulusHuxley , #JosephCampbell , #WeiWuWei , #ShaktiGawain , #ZenCryarDeBrücke , #WayneDyer , #DebbieFord , #DeepakChopra , #LisaLove , #GayHendricks , #MichaelASinger , #MarianneWilliamson , #EckhartTolle , #DrBrucePerry , #MastinKipp , #JayShetty , #RanganChatterjee , #MoGawdat - to name a few ;))

Deck: #TarotOfOppositions
Theme: "The Harmony of Opposites"

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