Eight of Swords, Magic Manga Tarot


What's going on here?!

Sitting wide-eyed on a swing, gagged, holding a thread I assume unlocks the guillotine sword above her.
"If things not getting more enjoyable soon, I'm outa here"?!

Most probably the cause is attitudinal though - swords.
As it's rarely the situation itself being troubled - but our thoughts about it.
The situation being...just what it is.
Somewhat "unreal", and almost "made up" maybe, but anyhow, what it is!

8 of Swords "normally" showing a tied up blindfolded woman, surrounded by swords, standing partly in water.
Feeling tied, not wanting or being able to see clearly.
Here we rather have not wanting or being able to speak, or not knowing what to say, not thinking your words will matter or make a change?

But words of love and compassion will always matter, and make a change to the one hearing them.

This too shall pass.

Deck: Magic Manga Tarot
Theme: "adult comic"
Card: Eight of Swords
"crisis, calamity, critisicm"

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