Eight of Swords, Gilded Tarot


The theme of having a hard time releasing ourselves from limiting thoughts and beliefs continues.
The fear is palpable.

7 out of the latest 13 cards have been swords!
3 sixes, 2 tens, a (rev) Knight and now an eight.

There's a part of us (#InternalFamilySustems ) that refuses to see the thread, the golden lining (Gilded).
A part that really do not fancy change. Or at least not a certain kind of change.
Change that require that we are vulnerable, or at least are in touch with the vulnerable part of us.
Which of course is hard when we've captured and locked that part in, deep down inside.
Out of survival. 
So that we could and would survive - in the past. 

But now our needs and wants have changed.
We've awakened to the fact that we want and need more than just surviving.
We want to thrive. We want true and deep connection.
For that to be possible we need to reconnect with and release that vulnerable part from her confinement in the recesses of our psyche.

But this can't be done with might, nor with manipulation(, nor false positivity) - then our well-oiled defense will fight back or increase the security around our wounds. 

We have to #LISTEN - to the defending parts as well as the hurt parts.
What are they afraid will happen? What is it that they want us to really know about their perceived reality.
That vulnerable part(s) may have been locked up 10, 20, 40 years, it's NOT safe to just retrieve it and 'throw it to the wolves'.
We have to build trust. We have to assure these parts that we 'got it from here' - And Show That We Mean It.
It's CRUCIAL that we #WalkOurTalk 
That we don't bail out. 

Safety. Safety. Safety.

It's not easy, but it's simple.

Deck: #GildedTarot

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