Eight of Pent's + Seven of Wands, Gendron + White Cats


Develop skills in accordance with your heart's desire, and trust in your inborn ability to do so!

It's not about hard work, it's about the right work!
It's not about defending yourself, it's about lovingly being yourself in integrity and acting from pure intentions.

"Truth is like a lion,
You don't have to defend it,
let it loose,
and it will defend itself."
St. Augustine of Hippo.

Deck: Gendron Tarot
Theme: "life is like a project of art"
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R)
"Develop skills relative to your heart's desire"

Deck: White Cats 
Theme: "Integrity; pure intentions"
Card: Seven of Wands (R)
"Those who trust in their own abilities can confront all adversity"

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