Eight of Pentacles + The Chariot, Maker's + Mystical Cats


Practice makes skill! But what to practice and develop?!

"The first few times a crafter attempts their own stickers, there's a lot that can go wrong - design challenges, misprints, and cutting mistakes abound." And the text goes on to describe what can be summarized as 'repetition is the mother of skill'.
"time to really buckle down and master your skills - keep trying and improvement will come to you."

Reversed. There's some resistance here.
Are you presented with a challenge overwhelming you because of earlier programming, or a "should" not aligned with your soul?

Do you feel a lack of motivation because of low self-esteem, previous "failures" and "ending up in dead ends despite your efforts" or because you just don't sense that 'soul spark/calling' to "buckle down" to practice what lays before you?

Is it unresolved fears hindering you, or people pleasing/outer voices guiding your thoughts?

Move forward with spiritual integrity (mystical cats) and when feeling balanced/regulated (heart and mind harnessed and pulling in the same direction), and your light will shine.

Beware of acting at the expense of your creativity (Maker's) - creativity breeds happiness - true (meaningful) success follows happiness!
Forget that old paradigm saying success comes before/creates happiness - out: survival focus, in: thriving focus!

"You are in charge of your life. When you believe in your purpose, the universe will work with you to move toward greatness."
"Don't let anyone else drive your chariot now; interference from others, or even assistance if it's not asked for, can impede your progress."

Happiness is what should be practiced and developed, if you ask me :)
I wish it could be printed on demand!

Deck: #MakersTarot
Theme: "make something of/follow your creativity"
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R) - Stickermaking 

Deck: #MysticalCatsTarot
Theme: "mystical/spiritual integrity"
Card: The Chariot

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