Eight of Pentacles, Spiral Tarot


Work smarter, not harder!

"A smith is working at his craft; he is highly skilled and successful."

But when, what, how, where?!

I makes my thoughts go to the reversed 8 of Wands the other day, from the Vampyres Tarot.
In one way or another it might be that we are presented with an opportunity that challenge us.
That is - we're presented with an opportunity to grow, but it's quite far 'out of our personal comfort zone'.
Or rather, to use 'trauma informed language' - in some sense out of our 'safety zone' (Window of Tolerance).

Now it's important that we not 'get ahead of ourselves' - let our thoughts and actions rush into this opportunity!
Because then we will get drained - 'get our life sucked out of us' - Vampyres Tarot.
And we will be 'spiraling downwards' instead of upwards. #SpiralTarot

Now it's really important that we check in with our body, and feel which pace it can handle. 
Now it's really important that we stop frequently, and ground ourselves - in our bodies. 
Now it's really important that we 'face our fears' in a mature, conscious, CURIOUS and 'trauma informed' way.
That is - not just speed over them... or drown ourselves in work and satisfying others.
Even if we might "succeed" and 'get recognition' that way, our frightened inner child (exile) will withdraw even more.
It will strengthen it's feeling that 'no one listens...'. Strengthening it's perception that 'all adults are the same...', 'my feelings don't matter...' 
And the discomfort (and dis-ease) within will continue to grow - and the Window of Tolerance (comfort zone) will shrink instead of grow. 

Listen to all parts of you (#InternalFamilySystems ), and not just your head and will (maybe you have a freakishly strong Mars in your horoscope, just like I :)).

Deck: #SpiralTarot
Theme: "spiral of growth"

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