Eight of Pentacles, Fairy Tale Tarot


If it isn't giving you a sense of calm or fulfilment, something's off in your doing - or in the (true) intention behind your work!

Two reversed P8s within 6 days. Isn't that interesting?!
Last time it was the Spiral Tarot, and I wrote about 'work smarter not harder' - beware of not creating a downward spiral.

It still applies. But now maybe with the added dimension of believing 'If I work hard enough I can create a fairy tale life'?
Far, far away in the future.

'If I just do this. And that. And buy X so I can do it even better. More.'
*If I just do enough...' 'If I just become enough...'

I read, "perfectionism, misguided direction"

Whenever we do something to get something or to get somewhere (else), it breaths that what we already have and where we are someway isn't enough.
Isn't that interesting?

And it's no spiritual secret that 'burying ourselves in work' (and perfectionism) very often is an escape, or distraction (#addiction even #GaborMate )
Or rather, perfectly normal but outdated survival patterns
#InternalFamilySystems #TraumaResponse

Distraction from what?
Often - our feelings.
Some kind of discomfort or pain.

The more we run the more it hunts us though!

We know we're in an escape loop of doing if every action only generates a need for more doing.
When our focus is more and more 'out there'.
When we sense urgency.

Nature is never in a hurry.
Our souls are never in a hurry.
A feeling of 'if I don't do this NOW...' belongs to the realm of fear - the Ego.

What is it you're afraid of?
What is it you're distracting yourself from?
What is it you (think you) are trying to achieve?
What 'happily ever after' mirage is it that's misguiding your actions?

Deck: #FairyTaleTarot

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