Eight of Pentacles, D Didactic Tarot


Not a time for deep involvements - other than with yourself!

Turn your efforts inwards.
"a time of learning and mistakes - but making these mistakes gracefully and with a willingness to learn from them, you've made the move"

Maybe yesterday's 'cut off' didn't go 'as planned' and or 'wished'.
But know the decision was right.
"now stick with it, continue to cultivate it, persevere, follow through, have faith in yourself"

No 'but if':s.
What is, is.
Act accordingly!  

It doesn't have to feel 'good'. 
It rarely feels good to break old patterns!
Whatever you feel - feel it!
Honor that you are following what you need - right here, right now.
Gathering old parts of you, left behind at different times in your life!

Deck: DDidacticTarot
Theme: "didactic - designed or intended to teach"
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R) - Deep Involvements
"second-guessing, doubts"

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